Equity Broking

Understanding Equities is very important before investing.
On the equities front we broadly work on two segments. Cash Market Segment & Derivatives/ Futures & Options market segment.

Currency Market

The currency market, often known as the FX market, is a marketplace where various currencies are traded. Currency derivatives like futures and options are traded on regulated exchanges in India.

Mutual Fund

The ideal approach to invest if one is unfamiliar with equity, debt, and other types of investments is through mutual funds because they are professionally managed and allow investors to select from a wide range of schemes based on their particular risk profile.

Equity / Debt / Balanced funds

Growth / Dividend

Tax planning

Large Cap / Midcap/ Small Cap

Flexicap / Multicap

Research and Analysis

We recognize the significance of offering timely, high-quality research to help clients make wise decisions. Skilled financial professionals continuously watch a wide range of potential investments to maximize the returns for our clients.

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