Policy for Inactive clients / Dormant Account Policy

Any client who has not traded in any segment of BSE/NSE with Stock Broker for last six months calculated from the beginning of every financial year or such other period as may be decided by Stock Broker at its sole and absolute discretion then such client would be termed as a Dormant/Inactive Client. The broking account of such clients shall be deactivated/ suspended temporarily by stock broker. If the client wants to activate the broking account then a request for re activating the broking account should be sent in writing. Such request for reactivation should be accompanied along with such documentary evidence as may be specified by stock broker from time to time If the client is tagged as a Dormant/ Inactive client, then the funds/securities lying with stock Broker may be refunded /returned to the clients at his/her/its last known bank account /DP account or send at last known address of the client as per stock Broker record.

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