Technical Analysis

We also believe that the difference between a great investor and a poor investor is not essentially that the poor investor makes more mistakes but the difference in their ability to maximize the return from winning trades and minimize the losses from the mistakes. Through our market & technical research and analysis we ensure that we are in line with the market, both on the bull and the bear side, enabling us to maximize returns from winning trades and minimizing from the mistakes.

Fundamental Analysis

At Nayan M Vala Securities Pvt Ltd , teams of skilled financial professionals constantly monitor a whole gamut of investment opportunities so as to recommend buy/sell on the basis of their analysis and research. They are selected based on a number of factors. Two thumb rules

Rule 1 : “Never invest in an idea that you cannot illustrate with a crayon” Peter Lynch

Rule 2 : of Warren Buffet “

Rule 1 – Don’t lose money

Rule 2 – Don’t forget Rule 1

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Download Sample Reports

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